Gentlemen, We Have Static!


65 Mustang Coupe

Finally got around to getting the radio install done on the 65. Really pretty straightforward. I removed the radio delete panel and the ashtray assembly. The ashtray removal is more for visibility and maneuvering space. Removing the top dash grille gets you the top access to the radio wiring and the speaker well. The radio is pretty easily fenagled in from under the dash through the dash faceplate area. A couple of nuts and washers on the stems and it is in. I made an adapter for using a simple 3 inch round speaker in the factory 4 x 10 oval hole. If I get around to it I will get a new speaker from NPD but for now we are good. The only hunting expedition was for a hot for the radio and I found the drop over by the fuse box and simply ran a simple bullet style jumper from the fuse box area over to the radio.

Presto! Chango! We have an AM radio complete with noise er… music! A quick buzz with a 3/4 inch stepped drill bit in a known good location on the right fender allowed the new Ford (70ish) one piece stainless style antenna to be easily dropped in and fished through the kick panel. A plug and go install and it was complete.

Pretty much the only downside to the upgrade was having to cut a hole in my car cover for the new antenna. Oh well!


2 thoughts on “Gentlemen, We Have Static!

    • Thanx Lou but no biggie. But thanks for the input. The antenna unit I had put in is a fixed 70 style square based stainless steel unit. I just put my hands on a nice 4 section round base unit that drops flush with the fender. And it looks closer to the original unit. So it won’t be a hassle. Will have to do a quick patch on the cover. No biggie. By the way it was my light weight cover not the good one.


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