Face On! The 70 has it’s face back

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang coupe

I went and picked up my new roller timing chain set from Advance and spent the remainder of the morning and early afternoon getting all of the prettified face back on the 302. It appears that all the work that was done to the front cover area before was to put in a new timing chain. It was not original but still badly stretched. So all was not for naught!

After a few small exciting events like dropping a cover bolt lock washer though the small open area at the front of the oil pan and having to fish it out and smacking the fire out of my already sore hand I continued on. Some yelling and screaming was involved to make it all better. After that the only real frustrating part of the reinstall was that on the first couple of tries to mount the timing cover the two small sections of gasket that cover the 4 front pan bolts kept taking a dive as I set the cover in place but on the third attempt it cooperated long enough to get the unit fastened from below with a couple of bolts. I may just replace the pan gasket at a later time to keep these from becoming a problem later. Another project for another day.

All the recently painted brackets, dip stick and timing pointer are back in and doing well. Fuel pump is also back home in the front cover. The alternator is remounted so now I can move on to finishing up the wiring for the 3G alternator upgrade. It may also just grit my teeth and go ahead and do the intake/carb swap while I am in the mood. But not today! Don’t think I have the gaskets anyway! Gotta stop for now and rehydrate and hide in the shade on the patio for a little bit.


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