Working Quarter Windows

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang Coupe

Also titled RTFM! (Read The Frickin Manual)

The latest installment is the teardown and cleanup of the rear roll down quarter windows in Fayes’ 70 Mustang Coupe. Over the years they have been cranky ( no pun intended!) so I have tore them down, cleaned out the 40 years of crud and gook, lubed and reassembled the beasties. And after installing them they even work! Holy Moley!

I did learn, er… relearn, a valuable lesson about reading the manual if all else fails. The problem arose while trying to extract the quarter window assembly in the “conventional” manner, After removing the mount screws from the assembly and wrestling for a long bit with how to get it out the lower area it became readily apparent that this was not possible. Remembering I had the factory manual on hand I fetched it and found the section on how to remove the quarter glass assembly. Well …. if you TILT the glass to the inside and come UP through the jamb it slides right out! What The…! 10 seconds later up and out.

With it all back in the glide up and down with a minimal effort. But even after all these years I still had to RTFM to get it done. Lesson learned, now what else can I get done.


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