The 54 gets backup lights


Got energetic earlier today and started by rummaging through my NOS stuff for the 54 and in that big box of neat stuff I found out I had a set of Guide 50 backup lights so ….. decided to fit them into the project. A bit of measuring and mocking up and I settled on a position and then attacked the drilling. After a bit of drilling and filing to fit the units are ready to be mounted.

You can see the extended bumper irons that mount the 55 Merc bumper. We added a old style combination stoplight / license lamp between the uprights for a bit of help with visibility. Will work on the LED inserts for the taillights soonish. Gotta fit them to work with the Hollywood Accessories extensions. Shouldn’t be too hard.

One little step at a time. Did some more work on the front tub area and am working out the locations and logistics of the voltage regulator and start solenoid for the wiring. I have to fabricate a new battery perch / tray in the near future. I will re-purpose the alternator and voltage regulator removed from the 70 into this car as a fund saver.


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