Face off! of the 70 Mustang motor

70 Mustang Coupe

70 Mustang Coupe

I finally got to the removal of the front timing cover of the 70 motor. After getting all the other goofy stuff out of the way I was finally able to remove the front timing cover in order to find out why something up front was growling and also why we were slinging oil out the crank. It was a discovery that the water pump was an original D0 unit and the bearings had finally expired causing the growling. As for the leaking oil that became obvious when I removed the cover. The crank seal was age cracked in 4 places and was also original in very poor condition. The cover showed signs of being removed at some point before I got it because the goofies used red RTV to seal it back, They did cut away the front section of the pan seals but just red RTV’d it all back together.

Now with the factory front cover, crank seal and water pump still installed we are confused as to why this cover was removed at all. There is some play in the timing chain so it will be replaced before we reassemble the front area. So we will get the cover cleaned and painted, the new water pump is already painted and the new gasket set is here too. So as soon as I can prep and paint the factory cover and get a new chain we, er….. I, will put it all back together. A project for another day!


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