54 Ford finally getting some attention


Despite the bad hand problems I have been doing what I can to get re-motivated to get the 54 on the ground and wired up. Currently I am bolting all the front tub and shell totally back together. Filling all the bolt holes with the appropriate hardware. Think I got most of them. Much more solid than with missing hardware. Gonna attempt to patch the two front fenders in the next few weeks. Mostly cosmetic but a small square path will be needed on one lower. I may have to break down and get the full lower patches from Black Car but need $100 for that (pretty rare piece) . We’ll see how this works out.

Heater box system is next then some wiring. Some adjustments need to be done to the heater system to accommodate an upgraded 12 volt motor and a new brace for the heavy blower assembly. all of the flap doors have been redone and just need to be bolted back in. I need to fab a new battery tray but will probably use a left over early Mustang unit as a foundation.

Wiring is being laid out. the new headlight harness is fabricated and a location for the multiple relays and sub fusebox are being tried out. Probably on the front driver fenderwell wall. Could change dunno.


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