Run over by a sofa?


Well, not really! But in one of my more delusional moments I got the bright idea to create a sofa/divan from a Taurus front facia and a chrome truck step bar. Say What??!! Yeah, yeah, yeah. It made sense at the time so I fabbed it up with a plywood platform and … Voila! a sofa comin at ya in your den! Check out the pics.

Mocked up sofa

sofa comin atcha!

Front mockup view

The facia was donated by a local body shop and trimmed so it had a flat upper lip. And the step bar was a left over display item. Kinda hard to sell a single step bar. And NO, the Captain Morgan came a bit later! So now I gotta find a sewing machine to do the denim cover and decide on a color for the facia. The base is simply a box style support. License plate and lights are next!

Fair warning! If you don’t get RUN over by the sofa you may get BACKED over by the lamp! Stay Tuned!


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