Backin’ right over ya!


Remember what I said about being careful in the den? Here is why!

It’s a wall lamp, but with backup lights and a plate! Back THEN it was the rear end of a Chevy Caprice, NOW it is a wall / freestanding lamp complete with a plate and backup lights. The 6 former stop light spots will now be used in pairs as a 3 way (Low/Medium/High) lamp fixture. With low being 2 lights, medium using 4 and high all 6 are on. The lighting controls are hidden behind the drop down tag panel which is where the fuel filler was. Nicely hidden but accessible. The backup lights are going to be used as a night light feature.

Taillights in your face

The decision as to make it a wall unit or a free standing lamp is still being worked out but you get the idea. This part was a donation from a neighbor friend that knows of my Car Deco projects and dropped it off to me. So I couldn’t let it go to waste now could I? BZEROB


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