Brakes are handy! Stopping is good!


During a recent master cylinder upgrade, from single to dual, the bleeding process exposed a problem with a leaking left rear wheel cylinder. So…. I decided to tear in to it and see what was up. It just needed a good cleaning and reassembly to cure the issue. But I have decided that if that one is gonzo and needed some TLC I had better take a look at all the others while I am under there. So the project for the next few days is to remove, inspect, clean and reassemble all four wheel brake systems.

So for the next few days we will see if we can’t get them all in tip top condition for the coming cruise season. The master cylinder upgrade went very quickly and was a great update. And now we will work on the rest of the system. That way we can get the best results. It probably needed to be done anyway but we will just go ahead and do it now.


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