Damn The Scrappers!


Sanford and Son

At the time Sanford and Son was a funny series. They were classic junk men. Collecting what they could and gleaning through what they collected for the good items that could be resold for a profit. This new genre of scrappers is a whole different story. I have to make a comment here because these guys have become a pain in the butt.

Why you ask? Because these roving metal collectors are scooping up all of the raw free resources for those of us that fabricate. Metal bed frames, work out benches and aluminum folding chairs have been a long time source of angle and round material. Now with these scrappers they scoop up anything with metal content to sell for a buck. While I don’t really have a problem with the entrepreneurship, I am seeing a lot of good materials disappear into the back of some raggedy pickup.

Some of these scrappers are so bold as to victimize unattended homes and businesses for the copper plumbing, air conditioners, heating systems and aluminum siding. And anything else of value for that matter. And I must amend that statement of unattended, my business was attacked while we were in the building! They were actually after our city power cables!

Unfortunately these scrappers, who are looking for simple poundage, are also collecting bed frames, bicycles, metal patio tables, even fencing indiscriminately in their quest for a buck. These could actually be used again along with other similar parts but that escapes their logic. I have actually stopped a couple of them and asked to buy off an item and they pretty much told me to bugger off. All in all I must say that while on one hand I praise the effort to make a buck and clean up our cities at the same time, on the other hand I am aggravated by these same people because of the loss of some raw materials and for the loss of historical nostalgia pieces along the way.

Hopefully I am not the only guy who sees these scrappers as a pain in the butt. Just one mans’ opinion!


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