Birmingham, MI Is As Arrogant As Usual!


It appears that Birmingham, MI has managed to prove once again, that the city and it’s residents are still the arrogant butt heads they have always been! They (Birmingham) have decided that they don’t want to be a part of the “official Woodward Dream Cruise”, for supposed financial issues, but somehow conveniently have managed to organize, and fund, their own cruise on the SAME day at the SAME location! I am not a rocket scientist but isn’t that kinda like plagiarism. Kinda says “We are here but not as an officially sanctioned participant! Don’t mind us we are having our own event here! We thought of this all by ourselves!”

Birmingham dreams up a new Woodward classic-car cruise. After leaving official Dream Cruise event, city plans one of its own. Birmingham has become a rogue ex-member of the Woodward Dream Cruise with plans to host its own, separate car cruise on Aug. 15, the same day as the big event. Jennifer Chambers / The Detroit News

These guys are a real treat! Read on folks.


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