The New GM is Still Cranky As Ever



Well, in reference to my call to GM Customer Support, I did get a response back and it is a fix order. It is at Buff Whelan, the dealer that I purchased the vehicle from initially. Not Rinke Chevrolet, where I took it to get checked out. A couple of interesting twists in the conversation with the assigned rep one of the comments that was made was that this was ” a one time deal”. Making it sound like a special favor that they were doing for me. This is a TSB not a “we’ll take a look at it”. The other was that I didn’t have a service history with Chevrolet, like routine maintenance, for them to see how I have kept the vehicle. He said that if I would do that ever once in a while that they would check for these issues while it was in. Really!!??
My history has been that if I go in for an oil change they don’t leaf through the TSB’s to see if any apply to that vehicle and a road test on an oil change?? What!!?? Most dealers are hard pressed to keep up their TSB files let alone find them. In my opinion.
But, with all that said, the people at Buff Whelan are as cordial as usual and I really should have taken it back there on the first go round. Well off we go and we will see if I just get a quick brake job or a full TSB complete with shields installed. Stay Tuned!!


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