New GM Old GM Can’t Tell Them Apart



Well, not yet at least from my perspective!

Took my 06 HHR in to Rinke Chevrolet, one of the larger dealers in the Detroit area, for service and a solution to a brake problem yesterday. And I am grossly disappointed but not really surprised at all. The problem with a severe shake arose at 25000 mile mark and was getting pretty bad. After a bit of research it turned out it was a dead match, including a named brake pad wear issue for a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin). Having the TSB in my hand when I went to the dealer pretty much had no net affect. Other than a suspicious glare from the service manager. I was told they would inspect it and give me a call. Well. I got that call and the response was that what they determined was that all I needed was a brake job and they would be glad to do it for me at my cost. Bad answer!!

Basically not challenging the overall brake condition except for the fact that the vehicle has been super up to this event. But with the unusual combination of the named rotor shake and the uneven pad wear issue I think I should get some assistance here. This TSB didn’t magically appear because of a mysterious condition and prevalent enough to warrant issuing a TSB. And the TSB does call for the removal of a spacer and the install of a shield in its place along with servicing the rotors. I declined the offer, paid my $44 fee and left.

An immediate follow up call to GM’s customer service line netted a long polite quiz as to my concern and the circumstances of the service visit. No problem. One unusual moment was when I mentioned that I had the TSB for this problem in hand I was questioned as to how I got it! Wow! Look, irrelevant but with almost 50 years in the Detroit area didn’t leave me without relatives and acquaintances in all facets of the auto industry! Including GM and GM engineering. And, Oh! Wait! the INTERNET! Almost forgot that! The result of the call did surprisingly include a call to the dealer while I was on the line, and generated a case number along with an assurance of a response from GM in 24 hours. Not a solution but at least a quick response.

The clock is ticking! Film at 11! Stay tuned.


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