HHR brake issues


It looks like my HHR has acquired the dreaded “brake shake” after some hard braking on an extended trip. It is pretty wicked at times. But after browsing through the ChevyHHR.net forum it appears to be a pretty common problem. I am near the end of my warranty period, but only have 28,000 miles on it, so I need to get it in to the dealer. I understand there is a fix bulletin # 08-05-23-003 on it.We are going to find out how helpful the “new” GM dealers are.

While I am there I will see if they will install the deflector screen for the lower grille opening. Bulletin # 08-06-02-001.

I really do like the car and would like the sedan delivery but for now this will do. I am going to see how good the “new” GM really is to it’s customers!


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