What Is The Fetish With The Blue Headlights?


Almost a day does not go by that I get asked whether we have the “blue” headlights to go in their car. I try to tell them that the “blue” headlights that they see on the high end cars are actually HID (High Intensity Discharge) units, similar to yard lights, they get mad. Then when you throw in the fact that the fake HID blue lights are illegal they really get whizzed. And they still insist that they need them. So… here you go buddy. Enjoy your new sucky lights!

In actuality the blue colored replacement lights, to make them appear to be something they are not, are a much lower light output than a clean white light replacement. Alot of it is basic human eyeball Physiology 101 but you can research it if you like. And I don’t care what color lights you have in your Escort, It’s still an Escort! Not a BMW! My personal opinion is that I won’t the biggest, baddest white light I can get not some lame blue wanna be. I guess I just can’t come to promote something that is an inferior product from others based on color of the light.

But it says “DOT Approved” on it!

Oh, and here is an interesting sidebar. The packaging may say DOT Approved on it but in actuallity the DOT does not approve anything! They are free to put that on the packaging at will. So it is a red herring to say that the product is DOT approved. Trying to add credibility to an inferior product for the uninformed masses. Sweeeet!

Just another chapter in the Gospel According To Bob!


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