How Much Tint Can I Use? Window tint that is!


Another common question that I get alot is whaty did they pull me over for my window tint? Well.. probably because it was illegal maybe!?

I did some research and here is the poop. The laws vary widely from state to state. And this adds to the confusion because what is okay in your home state may not apply in another! So if you travel take note! The compiled list in PDF can be found on the International Window Film Association site here.
Here is the condensed version for the state of Michigan.

  • A 4 inch band is allowed at the top of the windshield and front side windows.
  • 35% max reflectivity on front and rear side windows.
  • Any tint is allowed on rear side and back window.
  • There are no restricted colors on tint

What does this mean? Well, here in Michigan you can tint the two front windows a little (35%) and you can go as far as to limo black the rear side and far back. But remember what I said about neighboring states. Ohio has color restrictions (red and yellow) and Indiana does not allow blackening rear glass areas. So tread carefully.

Another chapter in the Gospel According To Bob.


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