Your Union Leaders Just Put You Out!


I have for years now held the view that unions , especially the UAW, have been a major cause of decline in the US economy. They had value 30 years ago but in this global economy they are high priced and grossly overpaid. These guys, according to the data released at the bailout hearings, AVERAGE… let me say that again….AVERAGE over $29.00 an hour. They have been getting these inflated extraordinary salaries for many,many years. And the union reps and negotiators who are making well over multiple 6 digit salaries are making the decisions for the lower line workers. And if these same union leaders get outed I am going to believe that they will simply retire to some sandy beach while the remaining lowly production workers deal with the carnage. What do you think??!

While not the only problem in the US auto industry I believe they are the primary contributor to the current US auto problem. It has become readily apparent to me that the top American union leaders have been a perpetual roadblock to the recovery of the US economy always in the name of the worker. With the future of the US industry in their hands during the hearings the UAW leaders refused to concede any wage issues till the new contract expires in 2011!! WTF!!!!! Are you serious??! Umm …. the crisis is at hand today, not 3 years from now. Super! Contract This!! You may not be around in 2011 you gooney bird! Oh and it appears that they just in one swift decision wrote the obituary for most of your underling auto workers in the process. Who are these people and why are they being allowed to continue to force the car companies and their union members into bankruptcy and unemployment? The rank and file need to “move it or lose it”, it will hurt to come down from the overcompensated $30 an hour plus overtime to a more realitic rate at whatever it takes to stay in the working ranks. My personal opinion is that it should have happened quite a few years back but now is a good time! Not an option now. A must!

These guys need a good swift kick in the pants. Reality is apparently escaping their sight. Do they really have the workers benefit in mind? I say they don’t! The workers need to decide which route to go because their “leaders” are not just taking them out, they are leaving them with nothing to return to. Just one man’s opinion.


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