“Mentally” Handicapped Does Not Qualify For The Spot

handicap icon

In my day to day work I am getting more and more annoyed with insolent individuals that see the handicap parking spots as the best place to park. Even if they are not qualified. It also amazes me at the amount of people that use the spot and just whip out a mirror tag once in the spot. And there are an extrordinary amount of them out there! I question the validity of a lot of them. A couple of time I have checked out the tags and they are obvious frauds. I would like to see more control and fining of these handicap tag users and abusers. A quick serail numbered tag system would be cool. And exactly what is a hanging tag with a expiration date of 2 years! It is a social disgrace for these people to use these spots just because they choose not to move over a few slots and walk.

It is our obligation as a business to have these spots available and keep them clear for the hadicapped patrons. They are clearly marked and signage is posted about being towed if they are parked illegally. The unfortunate part is that certain “mentally handicapped” individuals see fit to use these spots anyway out of arrogance. Many times when challenged they always seem to come up with some sort of lame excuse to use the spot.

The one bright spot is that when our local police cruiser appears that they have no problem ticketing and towing when appropriate. This is not a negotiable violation. You are either qualified or not. Thanx Guys! And the violator, almost to the person, is always vocally indignant about being singled out by the police. Rats! Darn! Sucks to be You!


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