Gentlemen! Start Your Blogs!


Here we go! I have decided to give blogging a go. The Bob’s Garage blog is up and running so here we go with the one for my main site. Not sure the direction quite yet but it will be based on the core features of Namely Me, my lifestyle, family  and friends. Check in and see what’s new.


5 thoughts on “Gentlemen! Start Your Blogs!

  1. Bert

    It’s about time you (and your very well aged spouse) started to use your computers for something constructive!! By the way, not warm here, it’s raining and 57 degrees, even though it is supposed to be 70 tomorrow.


  2. campinutt

    Haven’t talked in awhile,but thats for another time. It was close to 70 today here.I guess being south has its advantages. Happy Holidays,We can still say that,right??


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