Just Turn The Volume Up!


This is a small add on to the 70 Mustang project. And as you might have guessed it involves the install of a radio. The car needs to have some background noise .. er, music to make the cruise more enjoyable.

A bit of background here. This car had a radio a long time ago (about 10 years to be exact) but they stole it and in the process trashed the dash. What they didn’t seem to understand, being criminals and what.., that A) the dash in this car is metal and B) it installs from the backside.  So…… they went after it with large screwdrivers and ripped the metal dash in the process.

All I am doing here is making the mods to the factory plastic bezel in order to install a DIN sized AM/FM cassette unit in the same spot. Because the factory radio was large and bulky this is a good upgrade but the dimensions are off so I needed to make some adjustments.  Details to follow! See below!

More Details on this at Bob’s Garage


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