2009 Woodward Dream Cruise


I know this is really planning ahead a bit but I remain hopeful that this is gonna happen. I am currently trying to deide which of the 2 major venues to go to for 2009. I have done the Pontiac Phoenix Plaza location quite a few times and enjoyed it immensely and I have also come to like the Ferndale RetroFest at 9 and Woodward in the last few years. I will be promoting my Car Deco furniture more this coming year and it may come into play on this decision. We will see how it goes. Kind of a bad time to start a biz but more later.


One thought on “2009 Woodward Dream Cruise

  1. The cruise is both a dream and a nitramghe—a circus with countless sideshows. There are ten not-so-good cars for every good one, a lot like a treasure hunt. But the good ones are worth it—like the masterpiece rods at 13 MIle Woodward The variety to be seen is endless. A giant smorgasbord where the cooks tried everything in the book and some recipes not in any book. There is enjoyment everywhere. No matter how you look at it, it’s a great slice of Americana. I wish some art cars from Houston would come on up and add to the mix.Cheers, Bill


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